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5 Steps To Forgiveness

  1. The first step to changing harmful emotional patterns is the concept of forgiveness.
  2. Forgiveness doesn't mean that you have to approve of what happened to you. You can forgive the person or situation without condoning the deed.
  3. You forgive for your own well being because the physiology created by not forgiving is hurting you.
  4. Forgiveness is one of your most important CHOICES for improving your health!
  5. Forgiveness means "I instantly learn the lesson!"
Forgiveness finishes unfinished business...
"Forgiveness is the ART of retrieving your spirit and returning it into presen
t time. Forgiveness is the ultimate and most powerful act of personal spiritual alchemy (transforming or enchanting power). It completely transforms your cell memory and helps you to rewrite the code that is managing your biology so that the future cell tissue that spins off from that cell no longer has the toxic memory inside it; it no longer has the code producing the illness.
Have you left yourself "piecemeal" along the way because you wanted some event or experience to be something other than what it was? Because you were never able to get over an offense? Because you
wanted more praise than you
received? Or because
you misunderstood something?
You are in ALL of these places. All of the places that you are, other than here, are ALIVE.
Let's go one step further...
Your spirit does not cease to create because part of it is stuck elsewhere and is not in your present day energy field. It continues to create no matter where you are. So all of these fragments are living lives of YOU and YOUR OWN; you are living multiple lives simultaneously with this life of yours and every one of these lives is reporting back to you all the time, sending information to your data bank about how they're doing in the places you left them.
One report says, "I'm still as angry as the day you left me here." Another, "I'm still hurt, as hurt as the day you abandoned me at this place." They keep sending you negative information and your body is registering that. All of these negative reports are felt in your body.
Everyone has experienced at least one deep experience of forgiveness, either forgiving or being forgiven. You know the sensation and that you are one hundred times more energized in that instance than you were before. So you know the feeling, and should also know that a certain part of you is basking in deeper health because that part of your spirit has returned home (1)."

The Five Steps to Forgiveness...
1. Forgive yourself for any harm you may have caused to yourself and anyone else.
2. Forgive the other person for any harm he or she has caused you. (Forgive the person, they do not need to know!) Sometimes the other person won't even be alive.
3. Give the other person permission to forgive you for any harm you may have caused. Maybe you did something you weren't aware you did. It is not recommended that the other person knows you are taking this step. You are doing this for you!
4. Learn the lesson… find some good from the experience that can benefit you. You can always learn something from every experience.
--You can now sympathize with others who have been through this
--You are now more conscious/understanding of the feelings of others
--You can now better protect your children from what you learned
Find the good, and then feel the good!
5. Wish the other person well. Give up the chance to get even.
Note: You must carry out these steps with feeling and emotion.

This page was adapted and expanded from these resources:
(1) ADAPTED from: Myss, Caroline (Ph.D.) The Science of Medical Intuition.
Boulder, CO. (Session 1, track 9-10).
--The Soul Purpose, Dr. MT Morter, Jr.
--The Six Essentials for Life, CD Series, Dr. MT Morter, Jr.

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